Coaching Programs

Regardless if you want to prepare for a single event, fundraising or want us to go with you part of the way, we can tailor the right offer for you.

Track For Success

Ideas and initial validation is a good start, but even more important is to see the development and of the results don’t come be ready to pivot quickly. No successful company started out with a product or service that ultimately brought them success. Fail quickly and pivot quickly.

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Hire us as your part-time C-Suite Executive, and concentrate on what you are good at.

  • VP of Sales, establish a sales organization and a monitoring process that allows for rapid growth.
  • VP of Marketing, get to top prospective on how to bring products to market.
  • Product Management, learn how to “wrap it up”.  Perfection vs quick roll out to customers is a touch questions that many are afraid to answer



We can offer monthly retainers of project retainers.  With monthly retainers we get an even deeper understanding of your company and it’s progress, while project retainers are good to solve one particular problem/task for you.

Retainers Start with a 3 Month Commitment




With a plethora of startup and early stage companies, what sets you apart is the delivery of your idea.  We coach you on how to present in your best way.  Training makes a professional and avoids being judged by the lack of skills.

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A board can make or break a company.  We have seen that happen many times.  You need people with whom you can confer, who give you an honest answer without judging you for asking.  Many people are afraid to ask for help from their investor board members but your independent BoD members can function as a sounding board and bridge.

We tailor this service to your business, your goals and your budget

Budget and needs are different and one size doesn’t fit it all.

But with the right plan you can be assured that you receive the high-level experience that your business needs to succeed

Why Should You

Hire a Coach

Even if this is not your first startup, more people bring more prospective and ideas to the table.  This is even more important if this is your first startup.  The many pitfalls that one can experience are better circumvented or encountered with a partner on your side that has gone through the motions.

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Business Owners and Entrepreneur Coaching


So you have the urge to start a company, or you just did.  This can be the most exciting time in your life, but you need to be alert that this courageous step doesn’t turn in to a nightmare.  First let’s identify what motivates you.  If the answer is independence then the question is from what.  The desire for independence is less powerful than having identified products or services that fulfill a need.  Independence really doesn’t exist.  You are exchanging dependence on your employer for dependence on your customers, vendors, banks, technology failures…. just to name a few.  The sooner you understand this problem the quicker you find success.  But do you have it what it takes to bring your idea to the top?  Wantrepreneurs are those that dream of something big but don’t make the effort or the right effort to get there.

Team and Personal Coaching


There are many phases in a startup company, the idea phase, the definition phase, the implementation phase, the marketing and sales phase.  How do you lead in these phases, which task to hand off, how do you identify the first product version, how do you monitor development and work as a team, how do you best market your solution and then most important how do you sell and monitor progress.  Startups typically can’t attract the top talent that has done it many times.  There is also different type of talents for different growth stages of the company.  Goal actually should be to grow with the company and have a chance in filling the shoes of every single stage.  This requires a top level coach that has the answers to many of the problems or can quickly find the answers in his network.  This helps avoiding costly mistakes, and stay on track, impress the investors, and have the outcome that you and your team were hoping for.  A company is as strong as it’s weakest link and must be a team to succeed.  That’s why team and person coaching is important.

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