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Leading cloud-based video surveillance solution


Security and remote surveillance
for businesses of any size

iVideon is the leader in the VSaaS market and is driven by the mission to limit the need for watching live video stream or require postmortem analysis.  Advanced AI analysis technologies enable security and business cases.  Face recognition, Empty Shelves analysis, Cash Register integration, Access control triggers by license plate and facial recognition, queue detection, demographic analysis and so much more is the power of iVideon.

iVideon lets you quickly equip any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a system that offers access from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small store or several thousand in a major retail chain, iVideon has your needs covered.

Best performing VC fund


Solving the problems of Venture Capital
with a unique concept

VC funds have increasingly a more challenging time to generate the right returns for their investors.  This is underlined by the fact that more and more family funds stopped being LPs and are resorting to their own direct investments.  But this doesn’t solve the specific problems either, it just cuts out the middleman.  The fundamental problems are to really understand the strength of the team and their reaction under stress, and secondly product market fit.  Both of these problems are solved in the World Summit Global Venture Fund (WSGVF).  Associated with a unique concept  WSGVF will generate high returns.

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