Growth Stage

Breaking the Barriers

Your company’s growth has stagnated.  Here are the important questions:

  • Does it feel your company has reached a ceiling?
  • Did your competition catch up with you?
  • Is your company culture still in conquer mode?

ALPHA CONSULT has the experts that can help you overcome the hurdles.  Sometimes it is easier to have an outside viewpoint, than trying to invigorate from the inside.  We offer our unique Fibonacci Method to analyze what the status quo is and then offer solutions on how to fix it.

5-Day Intensive


Following the Fibonacci principle, we start at the core and make our way around the company, and analyze every aspect:

C-Suite Snapshot

Marketing & Positioning

Client Facing (Inside Out)

Client Expectation & Preferences (Outside In)

Management Systems & Operations (including Sales Systems)

After the 5 -Day Intensive the ALPHA CONSULT EXPERT TEAM comes back with a report and suggestions.  You can either move from there alone, or with the help of our team that will guarantee accountability until all suggestions are implemented and the team sees the traction.

Ongoing Engagement


Our 5-Day Intensive is a good start, but are you able to transform your company based on our FIBONACCI SNAPSHOT, or do you want to engage the ALPHA CONSULT team to manifest the implementation and monitor the ongoing success until you feel comfortable that you can take the training wheels off? We offer fractional C-Suite services:

Customer Satisfaction
Team Builder
Joining the Board

Image of businessmen hands during discussion of data in touchpad at meeting



We apply fully a rigorous discovery and constructive disruption process:

  • Rigorous and comprehensive
  • Qualitative and quantitative
  • “Finished Never Is” so we can gain enough insights and buy-in to move the needle
  • Ongoing model and encourage a “learn and improve” culture for excellence
  • Qualitative and strengths-based
  • Why” vision and execution, “who” what types of clients does the company or De-select?
  • How do the customers come to the company; and how do we reach out to them?
  • What” strengths, challenges, friction points,
  • How” can we (company leaders and professionals and ourselves) help improve on current strengths in culture and operations
  • Engage with participants in an appreciative and collaborative approach
  • Bring them to the table as partners



The FIBONACCI Principle dictates that we start with the core, and that is your C-SUITE.  Starting with the CEO, we take a deep dive with the entire C-Suite team.

  • Meeting with every member of the corporate team
  • Recording their viewpoints of the status quo and the future
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyzing corporate cohesiveness

One of the key elements we home in on is Distributed Leadership:

  • Is leadership “appointed” or rewarded when it is exercised?
  • Is there a connected and vital body of formal and informal leaders, and performance and opinion leaders?
  • Are they well leveraged?
  • How do we turn them into a sustainable communication/engagement/execution corps?



Marketing and Positioning determines the success or failure of your company.  What made you strong in the beginning may not necessarily help you grow.  There are many potential reasons, and we take a deep dive:

  • Initiate dialogue and inquiry into desired corporate positioning
  • Start to develop understanding of competitive analysis
  • Review of all collateral
  • Review of digital marketing


Inside out/Outside in


We leave no page unturned and will dig deep to understand what you are doing today.

  • Understand how the firm goes to market
  • How does it deploy all the units that are in contact with clients during the wooing and the marriage state?
  • How are they coordinated? How does the firm oversee and manage to consistency in the client experience?
  • Sales
    • Sales Team Audit
    • Sales Presentation Audit
  • Client Service
    • Review of Client Relationship Planning approach and Tools
  • Solution Engineers
    • Senior Officers: their role, process, when and how they are in the marketplace.
    • Review of Client Relationship Planning approach and tools

It should be obvious; the most important revenue generators are your clients.  If you experience a disconnect between what customers expect and what you are delivering. We take a fresh approach and interview existing and potential clients.

  • 3 flagship clients, 2 decision makers each
  • 3 high value “future clients”, 2 decision makers each

Management Systems &


We will spend detailed time with the CFO who introduces us to the company Business Models and People Audits.

  • Cost structure of the company
  • Profitability of each product line
  • Is the company bringing the right revenue/employee as compared to the market
  • What is the R&D percentage of budget and is it in line with an innovation company
  • How is the productivity of each employee assessed and in which intervals?
  • What are the company’s “perks” as compared to the competitors
  • What are the turnover rates in the company?

Who are our ideal Clients

Our ideal clients have experienced historical growth to $30M++ in revenue.  Unfortunately, sales have stagnated or drastically slowed down.  The company is facing tough choice and it seems that internally this problem cannot be solved.

What investment

should we expect

Let’s start out with what you get:

Two of our Top Experts each with over 30 years’ experience.  A combined time investment of our experts of over 160 hours, split between onside and offside. We come with real world experience and enjoy our engagements, and we feel truly satisfied by your invigorated success.

This incredible – outline under the 5-Day Intensive is only



which may include: Airtravel (Advanced Coach (First Class North America for over 3 hours, Business Class for International flights), Hotel Accommodations, and Meals 

Ongoing engagements will be subject to the terms and expectations and can only be determined after our initial consulting has been concluded.

5 day Intensive
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