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G2M Strategy

After you have a product, how is it best brought into the market (direct/indirect sales), and what effective strategies are being deployed in order to gain market share.

M&A Advisor

Pre- and Post M&A require skill-sets that determine the value of an acquisition and how to keep the value alive..

Marketing Analysis

Who is your competition, how is the problem solved today. Two of the most important details that will come out of the analysis.

Product Marketing

Products that deliver to customer needs have the best change of high market acceptance.  But what feature to deliver, and in which development sequence will be answered in product marketing.

Sales Management

Sales is not an art-form but a precise exercise.  Personal interaction is an art-form.  How can you be good at both to deliver stellar sales.

Startup Coaching

How to turn an idea into a product and learn how to pitch it so that it can catch investors interest.

Fundraising Strategy

What is the correct amount of funds you should raise? Do you know the 1/3 secrete? Why you shouldn’t have 100% ownership among the founders?! What are the terms that you should propose, and what is realistic in your company’s case? A trusted advisor that has nothing to gain or loose will give you the untainted advice you need to have a believable strategy in front of investors.

Pitch Training

Different opportunities require different strategies. Some pitch competition give you 2 min and no supporting deck, some give you 4 minutes and allow decks. Be on top of each situation and be prepared for each situation. A public pitch opportunity should not be wasted. Training s essential to get it right the first time.

Board Services

Not only the right management team and the right product, but also the right composition of the board are critical to build a successful company. With experience in multiple verticals and more than 20+ board assignments CEOs can take comfort in the fact that they have an open advisor that will not try to compromise them but will offer critical advice in order to empower success.

First-class Business Plan Consultant

Today you write Business Plans for yourself, but what counts in the interaction with investors, is a concise pitch deck of under 20 slides (ideally 12-14). This is hard work to extract the key points and issues so that you catch the investors interests and achieve funding

We Support Beyond The Initial Task

We have a vast international network and when opportunities come along we see which of our clients can take advantage.  Additionally we are often asked to join the Board of Directors.

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