Data Security company with secure, non-hackable access to corporate databases and files. The three times reverse proxy technology creates non-identifiable keys.
Corporate Event and Wedding space with on location winery. Unique destination concept with wine origination and ultimate distribution.
The most advanced tracking solution with integrated cleaning for the solar industry.
A modern day approach to education delivering skills and knowledge needed by today’s employers vs. a traditional fixed program degree university. The Millennial and Generation Z are looking for fastest ways of profession career advancements vs overpriced Ivy Education.
Aquera extends the user provisioning and governance coverage of identity management platforms with the Aquera Identity Fabric Platform.
The leading data security company in the SIEM (Security Information Element Management) market.
AI based Referral platform that connects clients with trainers and therapist.
Implementation and Deployment platform that ensures compliance during the development and roll out of new technologies.
Employment and Contract portal that tests, verifies employee/contractor skills with the demands of companies.
In a fast-paced world individuals do not care for themselves as they should. One of the major “Peace of Mind” solutions is meditation, and Bliss Timer is a mediation App that provides users with a deeper way to engage with meditation.
SaaS based next generation HCM (Human Capital Management Software with Succession Planning
Technology company utilizing AI in the B2C payment industry, advising customers on optimal usage of their credit card portfolio.
A series of Entrepreneurial events geared towards enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset, and teaching fundamentals on how to avoid the pitfalls that entrepreneurs are facing.
Clean Energy Corporation was a Wind Developer company tasked to establish about 300 MW of wind power generated electric energy
The most advanced blockchain and AI based Crypto Exchange that combines the best of centralized and decentralized exchange technologies and offers a plethora of user features all in one platform.
The first mobile banking solutions that allows holders of CRYPTO Currency to pay for goods and services in the FIAT world.
On-demand truck sharing company, that bills itself as the Uber for Freight Trucking. It will match small businesses with INDIE trucking companies.
An online platform service that allows Clothiers to offer online shoppers a virtual fitting room. Customers can dress their true to body fit avatar and see how the cloth fits in various situations.
DropFire sells the next generation technology for fusing data from disparate sources. DropFire provides a comprehensive system for data integration, aggregation, and conditioning.
Emirates, Dubai – UAR, is the world's fourth largest airline in scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown, the fourth-largest in terms of international passengers carried, and the second-largest in terms of freight ton kilometers flown
Endurance is a growth-oriented Russian-American technological start-up, specializing in development and sales of mainly lasers, robots and smart machines.
EnerSys is the global leader in batteries, chargers and accessories for motive, reserve, aerospace and defense applications.
Real estate co-investing platform that enables millennials with good incomes but no savings to buy a home.
AI based Blackbox Technology to analyze stock market trends and identify mass movement and enabling of predictive trading.
3rd largest bank in Kazan, Republic Tatarstan, and the way to modernization and improved compliance.
Security Technology that prevented ZERO-day attacks of computing platform, by redirecting external traffic through a dongle-based solution.
LineLossPro reduces the energy waste that is created through Hormonic Distortion. Modern Commercial operations produce up to 40% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), energy that ompanies pay for, which is not usable, hence being a financial and environmental waste.
LSC, a MIT Startup, Bringx the moon closer to people interested to observe and study thought satellites that will be orbiting around the moon and transmit crisp images that can be accessed based on a subscription model.
Focus of the company is a new biological technology for noninvasive drug delivery.
Predictive Diagnostic Technology solutions with build in referral system, initially targeting the ophthalmology field, and in later stages all areas of healthcare and diagnostic.
5th generation computer language enabling the quick development of communications protocol implementations through optimized 40 stage compiler technology, target output in C, C++, VHDL, and various Assembler codes.
NuSight offers the first home care device, analogous to an electric toothbrush, that addresses and mitigates the dry eye problem.
A special purpose computing power that allows cheaper, robust, portable, high performance supercomputers for hash code mining to corporate, financial and insurance Institutions, and high net worth individuals
System Integrator for General IT and Data Security products. Managing and installing the product range to medium and large businesses.
Plottr’s HyperPersonal AI discovered a way for every online company to utilize recommendations by harnessing the power of natural language processing, unsupervised learning, clustering, and biometric profiling through Mouse, Scroll, and Touch tracking. Our tool collects more data per second than any other solution to offer recommendations instantaneously, along with the ability to dynamically improve them based on biometric user profiling in 15 seconds after their first visit
PT Security is the leader in Application Firewall, SS7 network protection, and SCADA SIEM. The Application Firewall reduces to 10% of all false positives that other comparative technologies show.
Promobot is an autonomous robot for businessrd. It enables communication with people on any topic, recognize faces, answer questions, move around avoiding obstacles, move its arms and head, show various materials on its display and integrate with third-party devices and systems. To date, several hundred of our Promobot robots operate in 26 countries around the world. They perform the functions of administrators, promoters, hostesses, Museum guides, consultants, concierges and many others in various crowded places such as banks, shopping centers, museums, housing complexes, business centers and many others.
Blockchain based airline travel services, with in app purchase and upgrade of flight tickets, 3D representation of seating maps and the customers position through virtual representation within the plane.
Virtual Core (V-core) technology that improved processor core by 4x on the performance/power consumption scale. At the same power levels V-core performed up to 4x faster than other cores and was a breakthrough of Moore’s Law.
Solecular’s Maxwell helps storage providers to get more out of your IT infrastructure at every level – servers, racks, edge nodes, and whole data centers.
Timewire is the first Continues Capture and Retention (CCAR) product that has been designed from the ground up, with the goal to provide reliable capture of all network traffic while shorten the path to identify and obtain the necessary data in critical times of network and application failures.
TopRater is a social choice platform which helps you find the best products and services most fitting to your personal interests, instantly. It is the world’s first search engine based on a web-wide user-generated experience. About 400 million people view and share authentic opinions, questions, and experiences every day. Toprater collects all major topics on the internet, uses natural language technology to pick out specific aspects of each review, and analyzes user ratings.
Breakthrough technology for the wireless industry that circumvents the limitations imposed by the Shannon Limit and pushed data at 10x the Shannon rate through the wireless channels, while still not increasing the need for bandwidth.
Integrated platform that combines streamed video content and broadcast TV into one seamless platform. It also integrates an Ad Overlay system for monetizing content.
Prepare students for academic, career, and life success in the 21st century. The solutions is game-based and delivers an immersive and engaging experiences for kids to teach the 33 most impactful skills for success.
This innovative technology facilitates organic waste processing and allows utilization of smaller reactors to reduce capital costs and the processing footprint. In addition to doubling the amount of bio-gas created, the module cuts in half the time required for the digestion process.
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