Ashkan Tabibnia

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Ashkan Tabibnia started his own journey when he was 18 as the CEO and founder of ‘7 Elephants,’ importer and distributor of hi-tech consumer electronics. Within a few years his business grew to over 60 employees, fifteen million dollars in annual sales and a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Ashkan is ALPHA CONSULT head of strategy and leads the real-estate practice.  He is responsible to develop the concept of viewing real-estate as a strategic business vision and not just as a property transaction.  This moves real-estate from a pure tractional opportunity to the realm of true entrepreneurship.  At ALPHA CONSULT we want to see the vision and opportunity that any real estate project offers.

Through the years he mastered key interpersonal skills of being genuinely likable, a rock-solid, hardworking ethic, and the power of his convictions.  Through Ashkan’s confidence, wide ranging skill set and wide contact base he delivers for his clients continued business and personal development, pivots, and opportunities. He is very engaged and passionate about every part of life and has always the well-being of others in his mind. Ashkan’s network stretches from entertainment, event production, real-estate, and includes general business moguls.

Ashkan helps others to focus on personal and professional development and empowerment. His mission is to help clients achieve the highest levels of success through Master Life Planning.  In 2012, he founded Higher Property & Investments and has been helping clients meet their financial & real estate goals. HPI has successfully closed deals from all over California as well as Nationwide.  HPI is a unique boutique concierge real estate and investment firm that prides itself on premium service to its clientele, the top 1% of the top 1%. HPI’s concierge service is personalized and customized to result not only satisfied clients, but also a wellspring of new relationships.

Prior to HPI Ashkan founded in 2009 Higher Connections Network.  HCN has helped thousands of individuals and businesses to find their niche and help to turn their dreams into reality.  HCN was the embodiment of a lifelong dream to develop a social platform where he could share ideas and business strategies with great minds and visionaries.

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