Dhaval Kapadia

FinanceFractional CFOSenior Consultant

15+ years

Dhaval is the host of Startup Steroid, an angel investor, and an advisor. Dhaval helps businesses put strong financial governance in place to help the businesses grow and for the founders to achieve their vision for the company. Before his entrepreneurial adventures, Dhaval had 15+ years of work experience in the highly competitive field of private equity investments, asset management and consulting in New York City. He now brings that experience to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

“Start with a roadmap and you won’t get lost”
Start with three different financial models, set milestones for big expenses, and then each month review your P&L and set the budget for the following month. This is how I can help you stay on track for success.

“Team up with the right players at the right time”
You must control your cap table because that is truly all you have. I can help you structure your equity, find the right investors, and survive the due diligence process. I can help you add fuel to your fire!

“Know your endgame, so you know when to stop running”
Exiting your business will be perhaps the most important event in your life. How are you preparing for it? Will it be a merger, an acquisition, or are you going for an IPO? I can help you prepare for that finish line.

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