Moe Rock

Executive LeadershipInternational Affairs Specialist

15+ years

One of the primary duties of the Alpha Consult International Affairs Specialist is meeting directly with foreign leaders and representatives. This can include routine meetings to discuss the relationship between the business and the regulations of countries or meetings regarding a specific development. In these meetings, the International Affairs Specialist’s role is to represent the interests of the business to advance progress abroad while maintaining positive relations between all parties.

Moe is a world-renowned content Producer, Investor, Speaker, Thought Leader, and Author. With a growing network reaching over 100 million people from all different markets.  Investor Dubai Ventures international holdings focused on the Middle East market.

Moe’s strengths are in various sectors:

  • Innovative brand strategist with over 10+ years’ experience of playing an instrumental role in
    creating cohesive and effective brand identities
  • Creating effective ways to engage with clients while maintaining company’s reputation. In efforts to adhere to all desired needs of client’s constant development, analysis, and enhancements are always implemented.
  • Expert in scaling businesses by fulfilling both personal and business development needs. Extensive knowledge in strategic global market development, digital transformation, consumer driven marketing resulting in being an international speaker and thought leader in
    the global business realm.

His Specialties include:

  • Strategic Development & Leadership
  • Media & Employee Relations
  • Product & Digital Marketing
  • Content & Brand Strategy
  • Profit Generation
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