Activate US is designed for foreign companies to get quick overview on how to enter the US Market

Overseas success is built on different perceptions and market conditions, than those needed in the US market. We help you avoid expensive mistakes.

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Do understand the US market from the outside in? Google search can only take you so far.

What is needed is an insider with more than 25 years of going to market understanding and the cultural understanding of Europe.  Alpha Consults offers seasoned Senior executives that have been there and have done it multiple times before.  This is the foundation to avoid costly mistakes that repeatably happen when foreign companies enter the US market.  Our Activate US foundation package allows you to hit right away out of the park.

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Activate US give you one-on-one overview and how your company can achieve success in the US.

Competition Overview

We include a quick overview of your competitive landscape, and initial Go/NoGo analysis. This provides more certainty to move forward with a more detailed program for the US market

Employment Strategy

How does a foreign company best create a comprehensive employment strategy? Are you in the technical industry, don't expect a sales person to also be your technical frontend. We help you get a precise understanding for your industry.

Incorporation challenge

50 US States is quite confusing, ad many have opinions on what to do. Often main incorporation stat is also confused with doing business in other states.

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You will not go alone with our Add-On Packages

Fractional C-Suite Leadership

With fractional C-Suite service you get the brainpower you need to enter the US market correctly, but can use your cashflow on Sales and Marketing, because initially you really don’t need full-time your US C-Suite.  Brainpower on Demand is the solution

Marketing Implementation

Our Affiliated marketing agency Elite Vivant has been working with us and our clients for years, and can address from website development to detailed marketing program implementations.

Marketing Analysis

After the initial Go/NoGo decision you must follow with the detailed analysis. We will talk to several customers to understand their needs and how your product offering could be maped to fulfill thier needs. This service will provide you with a detailed roadmapfor your US market entry. 

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Benefits of Activate US

We will provide an unbiased and objective viewpoint to your pitch deck.  Assessing your content, structure, and overall presentation with fresh eyes, helping you identify blind spots or areas that may require improvement.

A pitch coach can assist startups in articulating their unique value proposition. By working closely with the coach, entrepreneurs can gain clarity on their target market, identify the pain points their product or service addresses, and communicate the benefits and advantages they offer. This clarity enhances the pitch’s effectiveness in conveying the startup’s value to potential investors.

Pitching can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. A pitch coach provides guidance and feedback, helping startup founders build confidence in their presentation skills. They can offer strategies to overcome stage fright, improve body language, and develop a persuasive and convincing delivery style. Increased confidence leads to better overall performance during the pitch.

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What clients say about us!

Alpha Consult has been an invaluable partner for startups across diverse industries, guiding businesses through various stages of growth – our clients rave about the transformative impact on their entrepreneurial journey!

I recommend Axel as an advisor that uses a very practical approach! Great insights, recommendations, and constructive feedback definitely helped me in improving the product vision and pitch.
Yaroslav Tsyhanenko
Without Axel, I would have come across as scattered. Because of him, investors gave me a top presentation score during the event
Nhi Kim Do
I have the pleasure of working with him through Pitch Global. He has helped the Insynctive pitch deck and our approach to reaching out to investors.
Gary Goldstein

Activate US FAQ's

Find answers to your questions about scaling your startup with expert guidance from, the go-to consultant company for startups.

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Minimize your risk when entering the US Marketplace. We offer you reliable results.

We have various diverse insights through our partnership with Pitch Global. Having listened to over 2,500 pitches from various verticals we have a good understanding of what is happening in your industry. We will show you the market conditions and cultural adoptions you should take in to considerations.

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Enter the US Market with Confidence

Seize this critical moment to propel your startup’s growth to new heights with ALPHA Consult’s unparalleled support and expertise. Schedule your consultation and pave the way to success!

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