Revitalize Your Company's Growth with the 5-Day Fibonacci Snapshot Intensive.

Ideal for companies with historical growth to $30M+ in revenue, the Revitalize Your Company’s Growth with the 5-Day Fibonacci Snapshot Intensive is specifically tailored to those facing stagnant or drastically slowed sales. Seeking external expertise to overcome internal challenges, these companies are ready for innovative solutions to reignite their growth.

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We begin by examining the core leadership team and their strategic decision-making processes. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your executive team, we can identify opportunities for improvement and recommend strategies to optimize their effectiveness.

In this phase, we delve into your company’s marketing and positioning strategies. We evaluate your brand identity, target audience, and market presence to determine if your marketing efforts align with your overall business goals. By identifying areas for improvement, we help you refine your marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage your target customers.

Understanding the experience your company provides to its clients is crucial. We analyze the internal processes and workflows that directly impact your client interactions. By evaluating communication channels, customer service protocols, and client onboarding procedures, we identify opportunities to enhance client satisfaction and streamline your internal operations.

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The 5-Day Intensive is a comprehensive corporate overhaul service offered by ALPHA CONSULT. Following the Fibonacci principle, our expert team analyzes every aspect of your company, starting from the core and working our way around. We delve into the C-Suite, marketing and positioning, client-facing strategies, client expectations and preferences, and management systems and operations, including sales systems. After the intensive analysis, we provide a detailed report with valuable recommendations for improvement.

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Outside Perspective

Our experts offer an objective viewpoint to invigorate your company from the inside, providing fresh insights and strategies to overcome hurdles.

Thorough Analysis

Using our unique Fibonacci Method, we thoroughly assess the status quo of your company, identifying areas for improvement and growth.


Tailored Solutions

We provide customized solutions based on the specific needs and challenges of your company, helping you break through barriers and achieve growth.


Our team ensures accountability until all suggested improvements are implemented, providing ongoing support and monitoring.


The following outcomes of our 5-day intensive sales training program

  • Detailed Report: Within one month, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations for your company.
  • Implementation Support: If desired, our team can assist in the implementation of suggested changes, offering ongoing engagement, monitoring, and accountability management.
  • Improved Performance: Over a period of 6-12 months, you can expect to see improvements in sales, customer success, industry recognition, and employee satisfaction.


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