Axel advised our start-up (MyDigitalHealth Network) for investor meetings. His insights and perspectives were extremely helpful, not to mention that Axel is great to work with. He is particularly strong at re-purposing content to strengthen pitch decks for maximum benefit to investors. Thanks Axel for your counsel!
David Dubbs (My Digital Health)
I'd my very first meeting with Axel, where he surprised me with his keen observation to our overall business model and helped us with a better story. I look forward to hearing more from him.
Alok Jain (MoonshotJR)
Axel gave us valuable insights and practical recommendations to guide our startup in getting off the ground. He helped us improve our investor pitch deck, dive deep into customer acquisition cost, strategize our go-to-market, and optimize other essential aspects of the business. For an early stage startup like us, Axel’s advice was incredibly helpful.
Tim Nigma (Guidee)
Latifah helped out significantly with my grand opening marketing strategy and party for my fitness studio. She was organized, creative, communicative, and effective! We increased our membership base by nearly 20% on our grand opening day because of her marketing efforts, and the amazing party she helped us plan and execute! We would not have had nearly as successful of an opening without her, so I definitely recommend her services!
Meghan Cooney (The Bar Method)
Latifah has been an incredibly significant part of my professional growth after we met at a women's conference late last year. Since that time, our brand strategy sessions have helped me gain clarity as I developed and implemented my health information platform, from choosing the look of my website and how I wanted to present information, to learning how to bring traffic to the site. She has also helped me dramatically increase my professional network which has connected me to new opportunities like speaking engagements, and other like-minded people. Aside from all the beautiful growth I have experienced with the support of Latifah, it is just really fun to work with her! I can feel that she genuinely enjoys helping others turn their thoughts and hopes for their careers into their reality. Beautiful experience all around.
Cortney Beasley (Psy.D. Octave)
Latifah has been instrumental in helping me create and launch my business, Myles Ink. She helped me streamline my processes which made it easy for me to get up and running. She has a variety of amazing services that I've used to build my business thus far. My favorite service is the Social Media Engagement Package. Recently, I noticed my business was sorely lacking an online presence so I purchased this package with Elite Vivant to help me kick it up a notch. I'm happy to say this was the best money I have spent on my business thus far! The results were staggering! In just a few short weeks, I increased my followers across 3 platforms! On Instagram alone, I went from 8 followers to over 370! Now, my engagement rate is 7.5%, far exceeding the average of 1-3%. Elite Vivant's Social Media Engagement service not only increased my online presence, it also helped me to showcase my work to prospective clients and present myself as a reliable resource in my field. I'm very excited to continue the process and purchase the service again!
April Myles Ornelas (Myles Ink)
Anshuman has been a great pleasure to work with. Right off the bat, he portrays himself with confidence and tenacity. Quickly I was able to learn how much Anshuman cares for his organization. I was very impressed to learn about the ways that he works with his team which shows what an exceptional leader he is. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a true, lasting partnership!
Alejandra Zuniga (LinkedIn)
Anshuman Sinha is a incredible thinker, communicator, and creative leader. His hands-on leadership approach is a pleasure to be able to witness up close and personal to learn and cultivate from. A true mentor that goes above and beyond the call of duty for his associates, clients, and community.
Moe Rock (TheLaTribune)
Anshuman is a fantastic contributor to the local entrepreneurial community, both professionally and personally. As executive director of the non-profit TIE Socal, he coordinates events for hundreds of local entrepreneurs, and still finds time to help mentor students who want to become entrepreneurs. On a personal level he firmly believes in paying it forward, and is always willing to provide guidance and advice to executives, or help formally through his recruitment agency. Anshuman brings great energy and passion to everything he does, and is a great asset to our community!
Alec Miller (Narrative Wave)
Axel spent time providing both mentorship and advisor inputs to myself and our company presentation. His attention to detail and understanding of the space allowed him to provide tremendous recommendations that will impact our growth.
Jaden Risner (Family Proud)
Meeting and working with Axel was truly a pleasure and helped us immensely in moving and transforming our ideas and concepts and taking our startup to its next phase. His advice, deep experience, skills and knowledge was priceless. Such an honor to have his guidance and mentorship. Thank you Axel.
Susan Ip-Jewell MD (MMAARS)
Axel is a great mentor and startup pitch, going-to-market expert that catapulted me from basically no chance on the world stage of City Summit's Pitch competition to out of the park 3rd place in just one week. I can only imagine where I would have ended up working with him for 3 month or even more. I can only recommend working with Axel, because it will impact your trajectory.
Ed MacLaughin (ITrustIt)
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