5-Day Intensive Sales Training + Ancient Chinese Face Reading Methodologies

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Our 5-day intensive sales training program combines proven sales strategies with the ancient Chinese art of face reading. This unique approach enhances your sales team’s understanding of customers and helps them avoid wasting time on prospects who may not have value. The program includes 5 to 8 hours of training per day, templates and training materials, and 2 expert meetings with your sales, marketing, and executive staff

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Improved Revenue
Our training methodologies and face reading techniques have a track record of building a $30 million pipeline in just 12 months. By implementing these strategies, you can expect better outcomes in your sales process and increased revenue for your organization.
Understanding Customers

The incorporation of ancient face reading methodologies allows your sales team to gain deeper insights into customers. This understanding enables them to tailor their approach, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Avoidance of Wasted Time
By leveraging face reading techniques, your team can identify early on whether a prospect is a good fit or not. This helps them avoid spending unnecessary time on prospects who may not have a high potential for conversion.

The following outcomes of our 5-day intensive sales training program

  • Improved revenue generation and sales predictability
  • A cohesive sales team with enhanced sales skills and strategies
  • Reduction in deal loss reports
  • Enhanced conversion rates through the application of facial analysis techniques
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